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We founded Vizo Solutions out of a pure passion for people based in the UAE. Our goals, ambitions and inspirations have come together to form our second office in California.

Through the years Vizo Solutions has communicated seamlessly with the network that we have created.  Since our humble beginning in 2007 we were all about under promising and over delivering, where our customers come first. 

We started our ingredient experience in the dairy industry, sourcing globally various raw ingredients such as emulsifiers, stabilizers, starches and since then we are now involved in confectionary, snacks, sauces and cosmetics.

Supporting our clients' growth has led us to now providing not only ingredients but the most efficient logistics without compromising your manufacturing flow as well.

Since 2017 we have ventured into finished products for the fast moving consumer goods by bringing several products from Europe to the US and entering some of the largest supermarket chains and distribution channels.

We look forward to growing our current relationships and building of new ones.

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