Finding the Resource

Establishing and expanding an international business and trade requires a coordinated and sustained management effort, often including a market feasibility study, an international market entry strategy, and a supply chain analysis. Many companies do not immediately have the resources for such strategic plans and activities, or cannot spare them. 


The Dilemma

The result is that profitable opportunities abroad are not acted upon. Opportunities for export, sourcing, and investment abroad are increasing exponentially as global expansion accelerates, and the global economy becomes progressively more integrated. But your management is completely committed to solving problems and issues arising from current operations and markets. The executive and professional skills are simply not available to meet the tasks required of a new, international management team and therefore market.


The Solution

The world we live in is in a sweeping digital transformation. As advances in technology and infrastructure continue to reshape how, where, and when content and information are consumed. Cost effective action through VIZO Solutions' core model, in this case an economic model of how a firm can expand over time—and a model is basically a structure for solving problems.  VIZO Solutions offers a structured solution to the above dilemma by augmenting your management capabilities with six core competencies that are essential for success in international operations. These cover the areas of strategic planning, market research, financing, marketing & sales, advertising, and government relations.

International Marketing